kittens for adoption

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POST DATE: September 6th 2014

Contact: Betty

 Price: FREE


I have three kittens I rescued and would like to get adopted. Have had a horrendous time so far trying to find homes for them. Tried TTSPCA who said that because they did not have space they would have to put them to sleep. They are healthy, 3mths old and I have had them spayed and neutered. There are one male and two females. They are loving, friendly and have great temperaments. I am looking for homes/individuals who understand and are willing to accept the financial obligation it takes for caring for this loving creatures namely their food, cat litter and vet visits when necessary.

Please also bear in mind that these are house pets, they have never be outdoors for any reason hence they are free of worms, ticks, flees and other parasites and should live long lives if properly cared for. Their names are Dennis, Skittles and Baby Girl. If I am unable to find homes for them I will be forced to take them to TTSPCA as I do not live here and will be leaving soon, this I fear will be a death sentence.